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Scientific Genius is a mutation that allows the player to dismantle and create tech devices.

Device components come in two types: Weight units and energy units. Energy units are used up as an item's charges are depleted.

When dismantled, an item without charges will not yield energy units. Constructing such items also does not require energy units.

You may choose to use up to 10 energy units when constructing an item. 2 energy units will be used up in any construction, for a total maximum of 12.


Item Type Weight (Dismantle) Weight (Construct) Charges for 10 Energy Units
Bottle of Mr. Clean 1


Bottle of ArmorAll 1 5 8
UV Helmet 12 15
MindWeb Generator 4
Bottle of Brandy 1
Slinky 1
Radar Detector 1
Flash grenade 1
Disintegration Grenade 1
Breathalyzer 5
Weedeater 2
Geiger counter 4


Item Type Weight (Dismantle) Weight (Construct) Charges for 10 Energy Units
Rubber Raft 37 (Uncharged)
Cabinet 7-8
Cloaking Device 41
Computer Workstation 35-45
Cyclotron 65
Microwave oven 125 25
Jetpack 10
Leafblower 14

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